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    Prop choice

    Putting in a pieced together stage 1 and a Gen2 charger wheel for a buddy into an 04 RXP. Im not sure if I should get him a 14/19 or a 15/20, either one will be tweaked for desired rpm. Not sure if the Gen2 will pull the 15/20 without an external IC. I was also thinking about the 13/18 3 blade but never ran one before so not sure if that is a good pitch. He is looking for more arm wrenching acceleration then top speed.

    One thing im also keeping in mind is that once he hits 100hrs we will be dropping in an x-charger, that being said the 15/20 or the equal ??? 3 blade is the way to go.

    Any expertise on this would be great, looking to order from Jerry asap


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    Bump!!! anyone have insight on which skat would be a good choice instead of a 15/20R???

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