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    Has anyone had any luck changing their grips (on handlebars)?

    I have some that are stained and look bad so I was looking around and just glancing at ebay their were some generic ones out there that say they fit 7/8" bar. The stock ones on the zxi seem to be glued to the bar so they don't seem to want to come off.

    Does anyone know how to get them off easily and/or change?

    Also are their any recommendations for new grips? I would like the stock ones but if I can't then an aftermarket one would be fine.


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    check this out this is what i done on a 250x

    run a blade down them and cut them off, i used mountain bike lock on grips.

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    95mm odi grips fit perfect.

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    I use the ODI Rogue Grips and really like them over the stock grips.

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