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    newbie needs alot of help pls!

    hello... by starting off i just got a jet ski that needs some work. i have worked on boat motors but never touched a jet ski. I have many questions all responses will be greatly appreciated. okk....
    first off. i have a 96 tigershark montego. 640 i think? anyone know where to find a free download service manual? the ski has 3 drain plugs one on back and one on each side. do i only plug the one in back when in water?? i know your supposed to have some kind of string device hooked to the rider and kill switch. it just has a string that im guessing they just wrapped around kill switch and tied it to the rider. is that ok to do? also it has a spot to pour gasonline on one side and oil on the other. i know the oil mix ratio is 50:1. am i supposed to pour gas in gas side and then 50:1 of oil in the oil side? not too sure because it also has a oil pump. ok now for the starting problem. there is old gas in tank. i tried starting it just to see if it would fire. not too worried about starting with old gas because i was sure the carbs prolly need rebuilt anyways. all the motor would do is keep turning over. but no fire. i took air filter/air filter bowl off carbs when trying to start and never saw any fuel spray into the carbs. however spark plugs kept getting wet from flooding it trying to get it to start. but they still look good. i put my hand over carbs, no luck. should i just completely start out draining fuel tank and start with fresh gas? if so whats easy way to drain gas tank?

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    Service manuals are available on e-bay, you can get a landyard at west marine for your ski. I would get rid of any old fuel and start fresh...

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