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    Arrow Suspension UPGRADE kits for iS model skis!

    Something had to be done about the suspension in these skis as there was no long term fix to the ongoing problems with the suspension setup!

    So how about a package that you can tune yourself and get multiple options of installation on each kit?

    Thanks Jerry for the parts store blessing!




    In the store you will find 3 kits available:

    1. The standard suspension replacement kit

    Link to Greenhulk performance store for this product.

    Price: $770 + $60 shipping worldwide from Au.
    First 3 orders of this product receive free shipping!

    2. The tuners suspension replacement kit

    Link to Greenhulk performance store for this product.

    Price: $1070 + $60 shipping worldwide from Au.
    First 3 orders of this product receive free shipping!

    3. Spring replacement kit

    Link to Greenhulk performance store for this product.

    Price: $170 + $60 shipping worldwide from Au.
    First 3 orders of this product receive free shipping!

    A total of 8 combinations of shock/spring setups can be achieved with the tuners kits!
    A total of 4 combinations of shock/spring setups can be achieved wit the standard kit!

    And...... The shocks can be tuned to 100's of different compression/rebound curves when you want something to feel just a little different!

    All parts are also available as spares for existing customers! And the prices are not inflated for this conveinence.

    Some of the information of this kit is not published and is only provided with the physical product. (Please understand I've personally removed/replaced the top deck 15+ times and have spent many many hours testing/financing this project)

    Please also note, the OEM long spring is retained for installation. If the OEM long spring is damaged it will need replacement. The good news is, once this kit is installed, the OEM spring will be better protected from bending etc.


    Each kit comes with 316 Stainless steel brackets, bolts and washers (Where applicable). Brackets come electro-polished as a final product.

    All bushes come perfectly matched to the suspension.

    All springs are zinc coated and powder coated for ultimate protection.

    All brackets and spring locks are laser cut and TIG welded.

    Each shock receives a dyno printout of its performance similar to this with more numerical data and a complete graph:


    Technical info about individual parts:

    Stainless steel, laser cut, TIG welded suspension bracket:
    This bracket allows for a further 1.5 inch of travel on the suspension. Although the bracket is deepend to compensate for the additional length, only some of the additional travel is allowed in the upward direction. Most of the travel increase is for the downward stroke where bottoming out was a major problem for the OEM setup.

    Shock absorber replacements:
    This shock absorber is rated far beyond what it will be used for
    in the sea environment. If its performance envelope was on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the maximum of what it can endure for extended periods of time and 1 being not used at all, the shock works in about the 6 to 7 mark. Allowing for confidence in the product and a replacement guarantee for failure (In the event that it does happen). This shock allows for further 1.5 inches (although your ski will not travel a full 1.5 inches further). Another design flaw of the OEM shock is that it has a tendency to bottom out under heavy loads/impacts and this causes internal damage within the shock. The shock body is anodized aluminum.

    Stainless bolt replacements for shock:
    The shock bolts of standard OEM size, but I am including new bolts for peace of mind and also in case the old bolts in your seadoo are damaged.

    Spring steel spring:
    This spring is NOT a replacement for the OEM spring. It is made to aid the original spring. As both GTX Limited and RXT have different spring rates, it is used to improve the original ride characteristics. The other benefits in fitting a 'spring helper' is it works similar to a coil over. The spring load is shared and is central. This spring will also help prevent the OEM spring from deforming (Known problem and is documented in the BRP manuals for sprung Sea-doo's). The spring(s) comes powder coated.

    Soft compression spring:
    Not many people will know that the spring tower in the OEM setup is divided into 2 springs using a double-U joint. The 'soft spring' can be replaced with our 20% firmer spring or you can use the OEM 'soft' spring. This will alter the initial shock absorption and from our testing is better fitted when deck weight is over 100kg.

    Laser cut stainless lock rings:
    These are included with the long spring for correct location

    Marine grade polyurethane joints:
    (Recommended) or optional chromed spherical joints (If solid fixture required) are included. These are made to size so there is NO SLOP.

    Stainless washers are included where applicable.


    Instructions and other info:

    Full instructions with color photos, diagrams and full description are included.

    The minimum tools required are:

    -Ratchet with 10mm, 13mm, 19mm socket attachments.
    -10mm, 13mm, 19mm spanners
    -Ratchet extensions/swivel.
    -Gaffer tape (for holding the 'accordion' diaphragm in place until bolts are located.)
    -High lift hoist or 3 persons capable of lifting the top deck off the ski
    -Other tools that MAYBE required: Dielectric grease, cable ties for tie of OEM cables and other common tools.

    Mechanical knowledge required:

    If you can change disc brakes/suspension components/oils/spark plugs and so forth on a motor vehicle, you should have no problem with installation.


    Questions and answers:

    Q. Is there any added weight with this product over the OEM setup?
    A. Yes. The product was designed for added robustness and longevity. The total added weight is approx. 2kg.

    Q. My shock setup has a reservoir attached, will this be removed?
    A. Yes, the gas reservoir can be removed and you won't see any more 'blow outs'. Unfortunately BRP elected to use a 3 stage combination shock with more moving parts than what is required. The models with reservoirs attached will see the most benefit and won't see any substantial weight increase using this setup.

    Q. How long will this item last?
    A. There should be no need for further replacement of parts unless used for extended periods of time in very rough conditions (Talking 100 hours+ in heavy swell jumping). It will outlast the OEM setup by far. All parts are available individually for existing customers. The shock is the only 'wear' item and is approx. 30% cheaper than an OEM shock but should outlast your jetski.

    Q. Can I return to the OEM setup?
    A. Yes, there is no problem with returning to the OEM setup. Everything is designed not to damage other parts or for modification of existing mounting points etc.

    Q. Can I 'Mix and match' OEM parts with this kit?
    A. Yes you can. But the OEM shock can only be used on the OEM bracket and the shock from this kit can only be used with the bracket from this kit. The parts that can be 'mixed and matched' is only the spring components. 2 additional springs are included in the kit and are 'optional' installations but are highly recommended.

    Q. How will this setup 'feel'?
    A. Depend on what parts you fit, if you use the whole package (as intended) you should feel a slightly 'firmer' feel to the shock absorbsion. The shock absorption is progressive, so more resistance is met as the impacts work their way through the shock. This means you have practically zero chance of bottoming out the shock - Which is major downfall of the OEM setup - bottoming out. The OEM shock absorbsion curve was closely followed and a comparison graph can be sent to those interested (Sorry, I will not give this information away unless purchase is made - Please understand we have put a lot of RnD into this and do not wish to share this information with everyone). You can reduce some of the firmness by not installing the additional spring. This will leave the setup much like the OEM and it maybe just as prone to 'spring bends' if used in this way (Although the shock from the kit should last just as long as intended- Over hundreds of hours of use)

    Q. Can I do this installation at home? What is required?
    A. Yes you can do this at home. Full instructions are provided and illustrated. You will require access to the internet to access some of the material. The tools required are listed above.

    Q. Why is the OEM setup poorly designed?
    A. It is not poorly designed, it is just not made for 'all conditions'. With use in ocean swells or even jumping say with your wife/partner on with you, you are adding additional stresses to the suspension components. Spend sometime on jetski forums and you will find there is many cases of where either the suspension spring or the suspension shock is damaged beyond repair under what many consider 'normal' use.

    Q. Is this cheaper than replacing worn components with OEM parts at a dealer?
    A. In parts cost alone, Yes if purchasing at retail prices *just for a spring and shock from BRP. (So why would you go back to OEM?- Many other upgraded and better quality items are included in this package)

    Q. How many hours of testing and how many breakages have you seen?
    A. I managed to break my own OEM shock within 10 hours of use. Thats when I started looking at replacements and started designing. I broke a further 2 shocks (Non OEM) before finding an 'unbreakable' combination from a reputable source. The amount of testing exceeds 75 hours of ski use and approx. 15 shock replacements. I worked with a well known shock engineer in Australia to manufacture the whole kit. Our expertees are in off-road sand racing which is much like the fluid travel over water.

    Q. Are full instructions included?
    A. Yes. Including pictures/diagrams/videos.

    Q. Will this affect my warranty?
    A. Yes. Speak to your dealer and refer to your local laws regarding warranties. This package is produced as 'after market' parts. It is recommended that you wait until after your warranty expires to fit this package.

    Q. How long will this process take?
    A. Dealerships allow 1 hour for top deck removal and replacement. In my experience this needs to be doubled if doing alone and where extra care is taken. Allow approx. 30 mins for removal of the old setup and replacement with the new setup. I find I always take a look at other components while I have the top deck off and usually perform at least an oil filter change while I have the deck off. This adds 10 mins. Best estimate approx. 3 hours for intermediates or 4.5 hours for novice.


    When purchasing this item through GREENHULK please contact either myself or Jerry and provide us with the following information:

    1. I will need your ride weight (You? You and your partner?) etc.
    2. Your riding style (Jumping 4 foot crests? Jumping 6 foot crests? Closed circuit racing? General ocean adventuring?)

    The more information you provide, the better suited the package will be, some alterations to shock rates can be made to suit, otherwise a standard rate will be used that has been well tested for most conditions.


    Not completely happy?:

    All parts are guranteed to fit, but if you find they are out of tolerance, please send the item(s) back and a refund for postage will be provided along with any replacement parts.

    Here is the best part... Are you wanting to further modify the 'feel' of the shock setup?
    If you send the shock back to us here in AU we can re-valve the shock to your specifications!! ($150 inc. shipping!) Just provide us with full description of how you want to alter the 'feel' of the setup, like, you want more rebound resistance through the whole range or you want more compression resistance only at high speed impacts or whatever your need is, 99% of the time this can be achieved.

    These shocks are fully rebuildable/servicable. If you want to deal locally with a shock tuner we have contacts worldwide who can help.

    We have done more than 80 hours of testing and still had no failures with this setup (Although to reach this point we had to re-design/destroy many parts)! I've managed to destroy the OEM shock in less than 10 hours of rough conditions!


    Contact details:

    Information and general assistance:

    chrispatzold at
    PH: (+61)417550418


    pwcperformancestore at

    Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything!

    For the first orders of the 'Tuners kit', I am willing to hold one of the shocks and allow you to test the first shock and I can make the 2nd shock to your specifications and send it out to you express shipping free of charge! This means no down time!
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    For the tuner's kit,

    We'll give the first order a $150 discount, which will include a completely custom shock and one from our tuning kit that we'll match to what you want to achieve.

    To take us up on this offer we'll need a review of the service and the kit to be done on this thread!

    I've just had the brackets electro-polished and geeeeez do they look slick! I'll have more photos up later this week...

    Anyone with questions?

    Anyone keen to share comments?

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    After further testing of 2 more shock setups, I've managed to get a happy compression/rebound rate without the use of any additional/replacement springs.

    If any is interested in a kit without the springs in it, just a shock assembly... This should be no problem and should come in about $150 cheaper.

    Actually, I must say I was really worried when I put it in the water today... I was thinking 'Mannnnn this feels just wrong' as I was going over the waves and coming back down, it didn't feel quite right after plenty of calculations and adjustments to the setup without replacement springs....

    As I was coming back in from 2-3ft waves, I realised the VTS was all the way down! LOL

    So out I went again!! And relief!!!!!!
    VTS all the way up (as it should be for jumping) and it was just such a fun ride, very stable but firm where it needed to be... It was fantastic actually...

    I'm hoping someone grabs a kit soon, I've invested a lot of time into this and hope one day I can bring a smile to another iS owner's face!

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    Added a bump stop to the suspension kit.

    Current kit has a carrera curve on compression and progressive on rebound. Works well, better than stock imo and won't break.

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    I'm surprised no one has tried a kit from the states yet! (AU and UAE area only so far!)

    Got quite a few local inquiries now that some boats are off the warranty.

    I think one of them is a GH member who is installing the kit this week, I'll ask him to post up his findings.

    Here is some more pics:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	clip_image004.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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