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    kawa 250x race valves


    can do you help me where I can buy strong and lightweight valves for Ultra 250??
    I can buy springs from here no problem but I need also good valves for high rpms.

    Thanks any advices.

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    How hard do you want to rev this thing?????

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    with a good set of springs and retainers there is nothing wrong with the stock valves
    if you are going turbo and are going to push it hard for long periods of time the stock ones will still probabley get the job done
    if your boat needs new valves and you were looking for an after market alternative
    the standard over the shelf ferrea valves wil NOT survive the heat either will the ape valves
    i am not too sure about the black diamonds / K.W

    if you wanted a good quality set of valves that wont rust for a turbo aplication you are best getting in contact with ferrea and getting the made but they wont be cheap

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    Jesel can make custom valves too

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