Hopefully someone has a tip over switch just sitting around and can test it in the following manner.

Mine is on an 05 FXHO and I have a flashing check engine light and the wonderful beeper going off. The ski took a swim (previous owner, gotta love it) and I have replaced the ecu and rebuilt the engine and all is good now except the beeping and the light.

Ok, the wonderful factory manual says "check for continuity when switch is upside down, if none, replace". Thanks a friggin lot. Obviously, if the ski is right side up and the switch has no continuity (normal) then how the he!! does it know it is malfunctioning? Well I took it apart and low and behold there is a resistor between the two contacts...Hmmm. Well then the ECU is looking for a certain amount of resistance but how much? Mine shows random amounts of resistance each time I put an ohm meter on it anywhere from 1 to 8 ohms but after a split second each time I test it goes to nothing. I don't know if this is "normal" or mine has a blown resistor. Is there anyone out there that has a known good one and can test the resistance when the switch is right side up? I really don't want to open up the electrical box on my other ski just to test/switch out another switch. Thanks.