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    Suggestion about cavitation...

    Finally got my sportster 155HP running good!! but I do get cavitation once and awhile...sometimes I really need to play with the throttle to get it up on plane!! My boat has 44 hrs. on it, what is the usual wear ring life span?? Should I just order a new solas impeller and wear ring?? Will that fix the cavitation?? I really want to use the boat for tubing/ skiing, but can't see it being fun in the current condition. I also read on another post regarding the same cavitation problem and the guy just re-sealed something on the jet drive to stop air from getting into it which fixed his problems...I guess this could also be a problem?? How is the best way that I can educate myself on how to do these upgrades/ repairs myself??


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    First thing you should do is get a manual, get it free at

    You can kinda check your wear ring by taking a few pictures of it using a camera with a good flash, just get as close as possible and take them from different angles. Check your impeller that way while you're at it.
    I had cavitation for the longest time and the only thing that fixed it was that Solas impeller, best money I've ever spent. I have a different jetboat though.

    Removing the pump is easy, just a few allen bolts, the official Impeller removal tool, and a 12mm allen key. Make sure to keep your new wear ring in the freezer for a few hours before trying to put it back in. I use a dremmel tool to very carefully cut my old wear ring in half, then it's easy to remove.

    Check the grease level in there, make sure there's no water inside the pump once you remove the cone, if there is, you probably need a rebuild kit. $80. I always put locktite on the tip and never-seize the rest of the thread on the bolts before putting them back in.

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