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    Question SeaDoo sportster 15' or moomba boomerang 18'.

    Recently sold my big luxury crownline boat. Just didn't need that much.

    Looking at sub 9k boats. We mostly just go from
    the dock to the parking hangout area. We - as in wife and I. I might wakeboard for a few minutes.

    A seadoo sportster 4tec scic is 215hp. Gets good fuel economy, light for towing. Seats 4.

    Moomba boomerang is a deal ?? 2000 model like new with 60hrs or the same 8500. Seats 5. Better at sports.

    Both have proven engines and proven hulls. It would be great if I could test both in tr same day- till then what's yor thoughts?

    Which boat option will hold value and be less failure prone?

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    I would buy the moomba, they are really nice. My Uncle has one, I think its two years old though, so newer then what your looking at. I would guess that the moomba your looking at has a lot more features for tubing, wake boarding, etc then the SD Sportster. The moomba will also probably be better for having people on the boat with you for parties and stuff.

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