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    2008- 2010 SHO,FZ or FXHO QSTS Trim Cables

    Only need the cables from the hand grip to the rear shift wheel. All the cables are the same for the FXHO,SHO and the FZ skis from 2008 on up.

    After yesterdays ride. My buddy tells me his trim is loose on his 08 SHO. I hoped it was just a loose slider connection or the cable fell out of wheel. But, i checked today and the cable snapped about 4" from the end on the wheel. He doesn't remember, but i'm guessing he tried to change trim at WOT and forced it. I can't see it snapping any other way.

    He has an extended warranty. He called dealer today and they told him they didn't think it would be covered. He then called yamaha and they confirmed it. They said it was considered a wear & tear part and they wouldn't cover it.

    I offered to replace it for him. Yamaha wants $492 for the cable assembly. Sad part is Chris MACC sold a complete assembly 2 weeks ago for $65/shipped on ebay. WTF, who would ever think they would need that part. LOL

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    Hey I have it if you want to wait a few days until I get back from Florida. Shoot me a pm

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