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    2010 GTX 155 noise level

    Hi team. I just purchased a 2010 GTX 155. Within the first hour I notice that this machine is much louder than my older ones. This is my 9th Seadoo and I always had at least one GTX. All the engine noise comes from the front of the machine rather the rear as on previous models, plus at 5500 to 5700 RPM there is this mid/low frequency sound that goes right to my head. I have been talking to Seadoo, had it back to the dealer that also agrees that it is louder. Seadoo is saying that no one else has complained about this issue and they donít feel there is anything to fix. They also suggested riding another similar machine, but my dealer does not have another one and no one in my area has a 2010. Does any one out there have a 2010 GTX 155 and have you notice that it is louder than the 09, 08 or 07?

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    post a video of it, I could be something normal or something else that the dealer is trying to avoid to fix unless it breaks. (this is how dealers work) they wont fix shit until it breaks.

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    not sure a video would help. too much wind noise. the main difference i see is that the water box on previous models had some kind of insulation around it. this model does not, but it sounds almost like if you take the water box out and replace it with a pipe.

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    I think the only way to determine if the noise yours makes is abnormal is to find someone in you area that has one. Maybe your dealer can help you with this if no one on this forum is located close to you with the same model.

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