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    Crankcase Repair

    After buying a 15f with junk crank and cases from a pump bearing burn out. Ive started to research the case repair feasibility. I work at a shop that builds race engines. We routinely salvage and repair aluminium and cast iron castings. I would like your input, as to if their is a big enough demand for repairs. Of damaged crankcases? Repairs like a simple thrust burn out, to spun main bearings, maybe an upgrade to a full circle thrust on the rear face , with pressure fed oiling? Any comments ? maybe a ball park figure that you would be willing to pay for the repairs? Like I said, just kicking around a few ideas here, maybve save a few of us the agony of new or salvaged parts prices? Thanks Guys, for all the good info in this forum .

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    the going rate some of us have paid down under is around the $900 for thrust repair and remanufacture. one thing to remember the crank should be crack tested at the thrust bearing area. mine looked ok but had cracks from pounding the bearings. so i junked it and replaced with new one.

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