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    05 fx ho slant detection switch malfunction

    Hopefully someone has experienced a code 47 and can tell me what to do about it. Flashing check engine light and the lovely beeper. The factory manual says to test for continuity with the switch upside down, if not, then replace. If the switch and the ski is right side up and there is no continuity (normal) then how does the ecu determine a malfunction? I took the switch apart and found that it has a resistor between the contacts. When I test for resistance, the ohm meter shows .1 to .8 ohms but random values each time I hook up the leads and immediately after I touch the leads, the value goes to 0. Maybe someone has a spare switch laying around and can test it for resistance? I am thinking that the resistor in my switch is bad and this is what is causing the error code.

    The ski has 200 hours and unfortunately had previously taken a swim. I have replaced the ecu and rebuilt the bottom end of the engine. Given the condition of the electronics, anything is possible but before I buy a new 100.00 switch, it would be useful to know what the value should be. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    To all, I found the answer to the question in this forum. Here is the link that explains the switch and how it works along with the resistance value. Most have issues with it from wave jumping and having it shut the ski down. A Rather elegant yet simple fix for that problem is included in the thread (rubber washers on the hoop to keep it from working). I have a blown resistor. It is a 90cents for five of them at radio shack.

    My apologies for asking similar questions but it took a google search to find it. I typed "slant detector switch", "code 47" and many other combinations into the search engine here and got pages of posts with one word in the post related. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I did get this the above thread to show up three pages deep by typing slant detector into search but only after knowing it was here. Perhaps a mod can pm me on how to use the search engine. Must be a little thick. Again, thanks for the help on other questions.

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    i think i have thesame problem.. what is the normal ohms of the slant detector switch when facing up?

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    check it again with a digital its a 4.6k ohms.. hmm.. its fine i think

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