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    need help 01 gp1200r boggs above 5000 rpms

    i have a 01 gp1200r that boggs around 5000 rpm and a little on take off. I rebuilt the carbs, took the fuel flap out and ran fuel line to the tank. i did a compression test and had 75 psi on all 3.
    please help

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    Welcome to the forum.
    1- your 75 psi compression is way off.
    2- what brand of compression guage.
    3- how was the test performed.
    4- did you install FA's.
    5- what jetting.
    6- did you route the fuel lines different.
    7- still have the fuel switch.

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    I used an old mac compression tester it may be off, i tested it at wot and the carbs are stock no mods at all, i justed bypassed the the fuel switch and what are FA's.
    the ski pulls hard gets going and bogs to about 3500rps let off gas for a second and gos again. it did run better when i removed fuel switch

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    FA's = Flame Arrestors

    Still have the catcon or do you have a d-plate? Sounds like what happen to me in the beginning of the Summer and my catcon broke off and was blocking most of the stinger.

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    i have a d plate

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    if you dont have a bad compression gauge .you have a bigger proublem

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    i will get a new valve for my other gauge and try again tonight.
    thanks for all the help

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    what did u find? any results?

    I have same problem. Rebuilt carbs but same problem. Wondering if had any success or found out what your issue was. Thanks for any response.

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