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Thread: fall sucks

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    fall sucks

    finally got both skis running great and now i got to put them away for the winter

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    no you dont! run them.. i take mine out late october! you still have awhile!

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    Depends on where you live I guess. We will run until October.

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    I grew up in SoCal... and we never "Winterized" a ski. But there may be some times in February that wouldn't want to go out.

    Now I'm in Dumbass PA. Friday was 90 degrees... and sat was 65!!!! (WTF) then Monday started to warm up... but then storm clouds moved in around 2pm... so the entire weekend was shot.

    BUT... I refuse to put my toys away until it really get's cold. Water toys will hang until October, and my nice bikes will make it until the end of November. (my beater bikes get used all winter long)

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    Wet suit!

    get a wet Suit ! The water shoes are a must have as well. I have found as long as its at least 65 degrees outside I can go out for a couple of hours at a time. the water temp is not important as long as I stay out of it. I have cruized around in November a time or two.
    a wool cap and wool sweater from the goodwill store works great. We learned that the wool is as good as neoprene from White water rafting in West virginia.they actually advise you to bring it when running the Rivers on Bridge day.

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