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    couple of questions about upgrading

    is the riva thermostat kit the 160 degree kit? it just says it lowers temps by 30 degrees.

    with a 4" intake, R&D nozzle, X-charger, race tech modified stock waterbox, 160 degree T-stat, and a heat exchanger closed loop cooling system, will the solas SRZ-CD-15/20 and 42 lb injectors be enough? can the prop be tweaked based on mods before install, or do i need to install it, see what it is doing, then have someone tweak it?

    i just bought the X-charger, already have the 4" intake, and will be doing the heat exchanger and going to a riva ride plate soon. after all that, what is the next logical upgrade? ECU? i'm not planning a SC wheel upgrade anytime soon. i also bought some cheap OPAS block offs, but will be upgrading to RE block offs eventually, along with a pump wedge.

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    your next buy should be an O2 monitoring system. the 42s and the 15/20 should be bang on. but your tune will never be perfect. you also need a rude fuel controller to get your map perfect and then you can upgrade anytime after that. IMO the best buy was an LC1 and Rude fuel controller.

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    i already have an LM-1 and LM-2. well i have an LC-1 as well, since i hooked it up with the LM-1 for dual monitoring on V-twin ATV's. i'll probably dismantle the LM-1 tuning case to use the LC-1 on the ski. i'm familiar with fuel tuning, but mainly with powercommanders. does the rude fuel controller allow for full adjustment of the fuel? how about the riva ECU's? i like having control over what i am working on.

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