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    Recommendations for grips/gloves? Developing BAD calouses.

    Ive had caloused hands for years.. but since I bought my new SXR, they have become worse and very painful after about 20min of riding. I have the stock grips and some reinforced waterskiing gloves and neither is working out too well. Ive used ODI Rouge grips in the past on other skis and liked them. I thought I would see what others thing are the most comfortable grips and the best gloves.

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    Nice thick winter gloves..

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    I'd rather be jet skiing Saltwater n Premix's Avatar
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    I have the ODI Rogue Lock on grips on my 98 SXi Pro. I love em and I've never worn gloves with them. Or any jetski for that matter except the rental VX's bc they have the throttle cable loose so you can't go WOT and burn all their gas... I pull up on the cable alot with my index finger to get the extra rpms it gives me a blister well before a half hour's up. The ODI Rogue's are a real quality grip and the performance standard if you ask me. I think I'm gonna try some Renthal half or full waffles, (I've always had them on my dirt bikes) when I get my UMI steering setup and MX bars for my Ultra.

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    I've had calluses for years from weight lifting. I have a callus shaver that you can get at a local pharmacy and use it when i need too. Its the best way to get rid of them.

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    I had them so bad once from climbing ladders all day that I couldnt make a fist without pain. Ive used the above and it works...I also had to make a couple trips to the manicure place to have them clean my callouses up and make the areas softer again so I could make a fist.

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    ODIs with Straight Line gloves and have never had any issues...

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