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    97 gp1200 riva ignition box.. safe or not?

    So I just rebuilt my 97 gp1200 engine, added a scoop grate, impeller(used not solas concord, maybe skat trak not sure), and the protec extended nozzle. I have been breaking it in gently and premixing my gas as well as using the oil injection for the first few tanks, so far its riding well(about 61 gps even with the extra oil and 2 people). I have in my garage a riva ignition advance box of some sort that is in working condition from a friend and a solas concord 13/19 used prop. Is it safe to put this box on because Ive heard it can seriously compromise reliability and I dont know what type of gains I would get with the riva box and the solas, anybody have any experience with these or have any opinions? thanks in advance -pete

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    Use it. Set the rpm to max and run mod 1 curve. gives you better timing. Bump the compression too, about 150.

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    Thanks, The box would bump my compression too, or would I have to do the riva head or some sort of head mod? I also heard I should use a mixture of race gas with the riva box, is this true? what type of gains should I see? 3-5 mph top end with the solas 13/19 and the riva box?

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    You'll need an aftermarket head from Riva or modify your stock head itself to boost compression. I sent my head to Group K earlier this year for milling. Boosted compression from 120 to 150 psi. It won't add much top end but it'll give you quicker acceleration and power.

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    You will wind up using about 92-93 octane fuel with 150 compression.

    Recommend sending head to RIVA for head modification since you are using their box. You should also request their jetting specs so as not to get yourself into trouble with high heat. It is their box, and so it would be a good idea to trust the R/D they have done on this boat and treat the whole modification set up as a package. It may not get you 100%, but will get you close to where you need to be and more than likely in a safe operating zone with better accelleration and a little extra top end.

    This is one way to make it as "safe" as possible.

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    Thanks, I will probably put the solas impeller on for the rest of the season since it is coming to an end here in philadelphia.. this winter I will send the head off to riva, put the riva box on, r&d rideplate, and hopefully aluminum trim tabs. I would love to get this ski at or around 66 gps.. thanks for the advice everyone

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