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    A rock took out my Solas on my RXPX... what should I do?

    Hey everyone,

    Some drunk boaters pushed me into shallow water in a channel and I sucked up some rocks. One larger rock got stuck at the back of the prop and took all of the pitch out of the last 1" of the trailing edge. It's all still there, just flattened a bit and the front edge isn't exactly sharp any more. It was good for 25mph all over the limiter after that happened.

    I've put the stock prop in for now (I added ~.5 - 1mm pitch to the trailing edge before I installed it), but I'm only at ~71 - 71.5mph and I'm bumping the rev limiter.

    What should I do? Send the Solas (15/22R) out to get fixed and re-pitched (where would I send it)? Or buy a new/different prop? The 15/22R had me at ~74.5mph at 8080 - 8100RPM in my riding conditions.

    -=Mike G.

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    Sounds like something that happened to my ski...

    I ended up just getting a more suited impeller to the ski...
    It was only about 25% more expensive to get a completely new prop than repairing it...

    It might be a different case for you as my damage was only on the leading edge, there was also a chunk missing!

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    Impros can repair your prop.

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    SpeedFreeks Racing does prop work. I used them for some work on my prop and was very pleased with the results.

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