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    Waterbox question

    Instead of gutting my stock waterbox or spending $400 for an aftermarket Riva, Has anyone ever removed it completely ? And made a setup from the Jpipe to a thru hull system ? Let me know ideas, thanks

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    i know its been done. Its REALLY loud. There is a thread on this somewhere.

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    Right now I have the stock water box to the Riva thru hull exit system on now but it barely made a difference in sound. I was thinking of just making a pipe from the jpipe to my riva rear exit

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    gutt the waterbox, it will be loud enough, i have a thru hull and gutted and sometimes I get a headache of the noise it makes

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    See i figured gutting my WB and doing a straight pipe would basically be the same in the end with sound, by using a straight pipe in its place i would eliminate alot of weight from that bulky stock WB

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    think it was hydrotoys or skopp ther is a vid on you tube..way to loud...believe me i hav mine gutted and it is almost to loud... i can gutt it for you for about 100 bucks + shipping back and forth..

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