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    Newbie! 2006 yamaha FXHO Cruiser

    Hello to everyone. I have not had time to do a search as I am limited on time. However, I wanted to see if anyone has experienced their ski cavitating and what can be done about it?

    I assume that it is cavitatiting..... If you do a standard doughnut in the water and gas the ski, the RPM's goes up to where the rev limiter kicks in, but the ski is sluggish coming out of the water. I have been told by more than one person that it sounds like it is cavitating.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this? What it could be? How to stop it?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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    You could try an aftermarket prop with more overlap. What is the specs of your stock prop? I am not familiar with the FXHO. Or an intake grate with pump seal kit. Not even sure if they make them for the HO.

    Edit: They do make quite a few parts for your ski. I just checked. Do you have any other mods or no? If not it seems odd you'd be on the limiter.

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    Sounds like you may need a new prop.You will have to check the clearance between the prop and wear ring.You should also take a look at the wear ring,they are prone to getting high spots that hit and wear out the impeller.This is what happened to my ski,I ended up putting in a prop, wear ring and a pump seal kit and the rest of the RPM kit and my cavitation issues are over. I had the same exact issues,you will get it, alot of people complain about cavitation on the Ho's after they get some hours on them or they weren't looked after properly,but it is all fixable.Good luck!

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