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    Pipe for a Jammer

    Anyone know where I can find a pro-tec pipe for a Wavejammer 500?

    thanks in advance


    I know it's slow but I like it!

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    Or a pipe for a Wr500? I am running out of things to do.... LOL

    I am on ebay all the time looking

    I live on a lake that has a 25hp limit and a 1987,1988,1989 Yamaha 500's are the only skis that you can run on the lake so a jammer is as close to a performance machine as I can get!

    What Carb can I put on this thing?

    What I have done!
    pro-tec ride plate
    protec Intake
    Removed exhaust baffle
    Stainless Impeller
    Pro-tec Modded CDI
    Pro-tec Pump nozzle
    sanded the bottom
    k&n air filter

    In progress!
    I have a extra flywheel that I am sending out.
    Milling the head....... out to be milled now
    Bilge pump
    pump cone
    fiber reeds

    as soon as it is too cold to ride I will finish!

    Thanks Again!

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    Not many people play with the old 500's on here, try at

    I'd like to hear your results, I think the only thing you've left out is to have your motor ported, but I don't know by who.

    And then you gotta ask yourself, how bling do you want your 500 to be?

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    25 Hp???!!!!! Screw the wavejammer and the WR 500. Move elsewhere. The only reasonable option...

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    welcome to the Forum, one of these old school guru`s will have an answer for ya, give the post some time...

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    Thanks for the Welcome glad to be here!

    Can't move I run the One of the Marinas on the lake so I am here to stay!

    I kinda like the jammers and runners I sold them when they where new, not as fast as the new stuff but still fun and better than nothing.

    even with all the stuff I have done I only have $600 in it so far... I have a paintball gun that cost more than that.


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    get the flywheel cut....protech
    mill .030 off the head.. safe to do as there is a big squish
    the wr 500 used the protech pipe (not sure of clearence ..IMT it will fit..) call carl brown at protech for useage..
    WR's used the DG water box but its a different shape in the WJ..(dont know if they made one?)
    porting on a 500 is cleaning up the castings, runners and plates.. clean up the port alinement's of the sleeve and port.. you can try to raise the port a little on the exhaust and intake (may give you a touch more rpm..
    carb to use is a sdn off a wr650 ( jeting is pretty much ideal for a built 500!) or if unavailable the wr500 sbn off the later ski's..round body works but sbn is much better.
    i understand there was a intake manifold for the 500's but never saw one, just heard rumors..
    as you already have the k/n use it... I run the old square o/pro's and the prok quick fit!!
    reeds ..get the latest generation boysens..( two stage split peddle with a solid top)

    welcome to the 500 fan club!

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    If anyone is still interested, I'm selling an AM pipe designed for the WaveJammer. I have no idea what brand since it has no maker's mark anywhere. See this thread for info.

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    Just FYI, sale of the pipe is pending.

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