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    2003 Seadoo 4 tech 185 horse engine ceramic bushing/bearing ?? replacement

    I picked up a mint 65 hour oil changed every 20 hours, adult driven not a scratch. I would like to upgrade and get rid of the potentially failing ceramic part I have heard about.

    Anybody have any advise as what to listen for or what to replace it with, the machine is all stock and it is fast enough but if there is some nice upgrades I would go for it thanks

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    if its an 03,pretty sure you don't have sc washers,it was a different clutch design.others will chime in,good luck.

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    that is ceramics...

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    Quote Originally Posted by breon View Post
    that is ceramics...

    The 03's had a unique clutch design, but the clutch was prone to slipping and burning out early. You will want to rebuild that supercharger with this kit

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    Listen to Jerry on this 1.
    Have him rebuild that SC before it quits at an inconvenient time.
    NO ceramic clutch to trash engine.

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    if it shows no signs of slippage will it give me some warning first, like I will notice some slipping. I read a note that as long as I can run full speed and it holds it , and does not loose rpms then it is running good, also I purchaed from adults, that did not run it much.

    Jerry do you doe the rebuilds as a job or hobby ? Instead of doing this upgade is there a Riva super charger that would give me the best of both worlds as far as no issues and more HP,thanks

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    Foggy, on your 03 GTX SC you list a solas impellar and grate and some other parts just wondering if you made the decisions to get each upgrade all at once or added slowly what was best bang for the buck ? thanks for any info !

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