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    For sale 2 1995 polaris sl 750 with a ton extra parts

    Hello all I am selling my two Polaris jet skis to upgrade to some thing in the 07 to 08 year range so these have to go, I have owned them for 3 years.. I have a tone of things I have done to these skis..

    Both these jet ski run good, at the moment I have drive shaft bearing failure and its was letting in a little water and is being fixed as we speak.. My price is $3000.00 rock bottom price

    things I have done

    1.. triple outlet fuel pumps
    2.. new fuel lines thru out and filter
    3.. new on /off fuel switch
    4... new MFDs one was brand new and one had like 5hrs on it
    5.. carbs rebuilt on one ski this year and the other 3 years ago
    6.. new gas filler necks and caps
    7.. new fuel tank floats
    8.. one has a brand new jet ski seat I found on craigslist
    9.. new handle bar grips
    10. new deka battery's
    11.. I installed sponsons on both skis
    12.. 2 year old OEM Polaris jet ski cover, I bought them new off Ebay
    13.. installed pissers on both skis
    14,, and the shut off valve if you happened to be towed and you dont want the engine to fill with water..

    I did replace all the bumpers all the way around but there dinged up so I cant count that because they been beat up since installed..

    one has a High Performance intake grate and ride plate I think they where riva but dont remember..

    the trailer is a load rite galvanized trailer, I painted it black but should have done it with bed liner because its chipping, new trailer lights, new bunks.. new bearings and tires and wheels I may keep the wheels and tires if they fit my new trailer but you know how that goes LOL.. new straps for cranking up the skis on the trailer, black storage box on the trailer along with no mare rollers..

    extra parts

    1.. new jet ski floor matt forgot the proper name for it
    2.. 3 repair manuals the picture of the skis is when evrey thing was freshly painted bumpers all the way around and the sponsons where freshly painted as well, there chipped up now I got tired of trying to keep them show room perfect could not be done..

    this is used if you need to be towed

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Haven't heard from you all summer, and now this?????


    Those are awesome looking skis.

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    Hey Xlint89 I am going to hopefully pick up two 2006 Seadoo rxp super charge 215hp this weekend.. The wife and I love jet sking, having a blast doing it sorry I haven't been around allot of BS this summer with family you would not believe it crazyness.. The best stress reviler is cruising on the water at 47MPH and 70mph on the new ones while the wife lags behind at 30mph LOL cant get her to open it up LOL LOL ... I took her for a ride on a 4wheeler up to 50mph and she screamed like a little girl LOL that 4 wheeler would do 70mph did not get that far LOL...

    COME ON GUYS shoot me a offer some Polaris guys or gals wants these, I dont need to sell them to buy my new ones I just dont have room 4 jet skis around here LOL.. MY ROCK BOTTOM PRICE IS 3 GRAND but if the trailer wheels from the polaris jet ski fit my new ski trailer consider them gone and swapped on to the new trailer.. Cya Slick

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    Those skis are clean. I don't have the room either. I was looking for a winter project but those are ready to go.

    I don't think they will be for sale long with the trailer for that price. Seems fair to me.

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    I am glad there not gone yet, not till I pick my new ones up this weekend.. I know could you buy a ski that has every thing done already.. I hope they don't sit long because I may start scavenging off them.. I need a box for my new trailer unless I go with a diamond plate one.. Cya SLick

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    Well home with the new RXPS so the tires are wheels from the polaris trailer are two small for the new Haul rite trailer I got so the only thing being removed from the polaris trailer is the storage box so the rest stays.. Cya Slick

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    well the repair has been done to the one ski and my buddy is running them and storing them till a buyer comes along because now that I have the two new skis at the house cant have 4 of them here LOL.. Cya Slick

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    Bump..... You still have these slick? Where are you at on price right now?

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    Price right now is, $2500.00 because there is no black trailer box anymore because I moved it to the new trailer.. these are located in vassar michigan about a hour and a half north of you, at my buddys right now because I dont have room here to keep them and I know I keep saying this but the price wont go any lower LoL, I will donate them to charity and get the tax right off first before I go any lower, this is a good deal come and get em.. I will be at this location the dates of 1st thru the 4th of October so if you want to see them this would be the time.. Cya Slick
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