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    will this sucker die fast?

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    Will this thing stand up in the ocean? There seems to be a lack of durable water proof modern cell phones out there. Anyone actually use the Sorim XP3 Quest or later version?

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    This might be better moved to safety equipment section. But it caught my eye because Ive always wanted a phone just like this for the water. I did not know one was available. Now, I'm not sure I need it. Ive been keeping I-phone dry and secure in pelican case in glove box or in a little dri-pak. The dri-pak is great, its watertight, floats and you can use phone while it stays protected. Its only $15. And no need for second phone plan!

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    Salt spray while talking is the issue for my dead phones and from the water off my hands when using the phone. I thought about taking a 'rubber' and tie the thing off like a big balloon but wonder if sound will travel as good or better than the intended ride If it leaks I will have a misscarriage.


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    I know what you mean RT. Ive always wanted to have waterproof wireless earbud and microphone for cell. But, you really should look at a dri-pak. $15 is way cheaper. Got mine at West Marine. Its about the size of a deck of cards. I-phone slips in and pak seals tight. You can dial and hear audio right through the plastic. The soft pak does not protect against trauma like the hard case pelican but you can pack it tight in glovebox or even carry it in PFD pocket. Its tough to beat the $15 cost. Ive not tried texting at 65!

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    I moved it to the General section. Might get more attention from others there.

    A friend of mine runs with a Casio GZone or something like's been under water, dropped etc phone that seems really durable.

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    We use Samsung B2100.Not very tough but very very cheap.You just dont care if it gets lost , sunk , stolen or destroyed.
    I always wanted to get my hands on a XP3 quest but didnt happen so far.

    Trick is to have two sim cards with same number.One in the "sports" phone and the second in the "normal" phone.
    You just switch on the phone you need and switch off the other.

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    i use the nextel i680 and iphone in an otterbox to play music, havent had a problem talking on the nextel with wet hands etc, its mil spec so its water resistant.

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