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    Chamfering SL 700

    I have a 96 SL 700 and someone mentioned chamfering the ports. The stock jugg that is not getting bored does not have any chamfering. Is this just something we do to help, or should it be there from the factor?

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    You sure the stock cylinder doesn't have chamferring of the port edges?

    It is there to prevent the cylinder rings from catching on the port edges.

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    I know, but I cannot see any at all. Is it very slight?

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    Feel the port edges. If there truly isn't any chamfering, it will feel very sharp. It is most important on the exhaust port, since the piston speeds are highest here, and it is the widest port. Its just a small "relief", that prevents the rings from snagging, as they slide into and out of the port as they pass by. If you chamfer it too much, it will change port timing, and make the engine run incorrectly.

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