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    Question KEIHIN CARB (help please)

    I need help regading the carbs on a SLX Polaris jetski.The one carb has a accelerator pump on it and I want to know how this pump works for the ski has a flat spot on pull off and the pump is not putting feul in the carbs when pulling off

    What I have seen is that there is a ball (valve) from the fuel chamber to this pump for the feeding of fuel.Then there was a spring that pop out when I cleaned the carb and it is not the big spring it is a small one and I want to know were this spring must fit.

    Where can I find the exploded views of these carbs then I can sort myself out to.

    Thanks for the help I will be getting


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    sound like you lost the check ball and spring from inside the metering block body,or the spring for the oil injection check ball.i've got a metering block complete with the accl pump if interested

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    Click the links in my signature for useful info - Keihin links are in there too.

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    i have a set of carbs if interested pm me always good to have a spare set ive never used them as far as i know there good maybe need new hoses thats it

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