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    Scic engine in a n/a 2004 sportster

    Just got a deal on a 2004 Sportster without an engine and I have a new 215 4-tec to transplant.

    Does any know what the mechanical diffrences are between the 2004 155HP and the 2008 215 version?

    The driveshaft/engine mounts/exhaust/ all are the same but what about the boat harness? Can it just plug in to the new engine? I figure I may need to order the entire boat harness for the 2008 215 version.

    Help needed??

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    Some of the boat guys have run RXP and P-X ECU's no problem. You lose some of the functionality like fuel level.

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    Well, I did some quick research for you using the SeaDoo parts cross reference app. and looks like you should be good to go with the electronics you have. The Engine fuse block module is the same in all SeaDoo boats 04-09, the gauge/accessory fuse block, and the same main wiring harness is used in all 2004-2006(edition2 which uses an 06+ type motor) model Sportsters, so all your main wiring and electronics will work with your 2008 motor just fine. So the only things you will need in addition to your 2008 model engine is the engine wiring harness from a 2007+ model PWC or boat, and 2006+ PWC ECU(edition2 if a boat ECU). As mentioned above if using a 2008 ECU your fuel gauge will not function correctly, so ideally you would want a 2007 model ECU. So it should be very straight forward install, good luck on your boat project!

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