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    piece for 4 inch front intake...

    i used to run a 4inch front intake..i made this pipe to go over the hump..all i have is the pipe in the picture..i reused the charger adaptor..and stuff but if you are trying to put together your own front intake it is a good piece to have. it is powder coated in a heat coating..

    this is what it looked like installed before i heat coated it..

    30 bucks +10 for shipping in the 40 total ...i think the bends cost me more than that..

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    Hey breon where di you get the silicon couplers and what are the sizes of the hoses and clamps are they the 3.125 outer and 2.75 inner diameter?

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    i used and am still using..a charger adaptor from the store here and a 4 inch coupler and t bolt clamps to go

    that is a piece of 4 aliminum inch pipe has a barb fot the crank case vent..and curves around the dirve shaft ect...the dent is for the temp sensor in the water box....

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    Thats really well done. Especially considering the Kanaflex can wear right there by the S/C. If I wasnt running rear air I would be all over this. Its cheaper than a 4" 90 coupler and a 4" straight coupler to get that kind of bend out of the S/C. Not to mention you dont have to worry about the kanaflex sitting on top of the carbon seal boot.

    Just one work of caution..The 08 set up is a little closer in the corner by the waterbox. Not sure if it would clear but if it didnt you would just have to shorten the S/C side a little.

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