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    Some fun with RXT 260 and RXP 215

    This past weekend I had a bit of fun with a 2010 RXT 260 and a 2007? RXP 215...Raced both in moderate to heavy chop for our lake...In the chop I ran right beside both (both were stock). With the RXP, we did finally hit some smooth water and he pulled away.

    With the RXT we raced entirely in the rough stuff and he never pulled. He saw me before and was all cocky, dumping his reverse grate and shooting a big stream of water straight up in the air...He was amazed that I had only 155 HP under the hood (didn't tell them my pump/intake mods)...I told him to hang on; I had another newer GP (Dad's 1390) I could quickly get to "see if there was any difference between the two"..but he told me he had to get back home (young kid, must have been daddy's). I wanted to blow his doors off with Dad's 1390 but no dice...(kind of hypocritical I know, me going to get my Dad's to beat him on his dad's..) I just love beating Sea-Doos, especially these guys that shell out $$$ for a RXT/RXP only to get dusted by a 2001 GPR, the looks on their faces is priceless. As my Dad said to me, there's just something about wrenching the old 2 strokes to beat the new guys who think they can just buy showroom speed...

    Anyway, I am happy hanging with the Doo's in the rough, but this winter it's ON...Modded skis are rare on my lake, so a nice 1390 should take care of all comers, hopefully including Dad's.

    Side note- found out that Dad's 1390 is purposefully not tweaked to the max, lower compression, and a prop pitched for holeshot to beat the newer guys out of the hole...He told me he could go close to 80 but knows that on our lake 75 is more than enough to beat anyone (so far) and it's reliable enough to ride all day.

    Did a "real" GPS run with Dad's Garmin (as opposed to phone GPS apps) and got a legit 65 MPH (65 degrees, smooth water, low humidity)

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    528 the rough stuff and that being heavy boat wakes in the lake thats is sweet...but don't get too big shore you probably get creamed..its hard staying hooked up compared to the bigger heavier SC boats. The 1390... that would be interesting over a long distance.

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