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    Should I buy it?

    There is a seadoo xp800 for sale around me for 400 bucks the hull looks like it's in ok shape but the guy said the pistons are cracked from water getting into the exhaust manifold when he rolled it. Think I should buy it I could probably rebuild the engine myself if I had the parts and a good repair manual. How easy are these engines to rebuild?

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    no. the crank is probably toast. I just sold a mint one for $1100.
    Start looking on ebay and craigslist. Youll find a clean one for cheaper than it will cost to get that one running.

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    They are simple to work on and the parts are readily available and cheap but that one may need a whole new motor. If its $400 and the hull is in 'ok' shape, Id pass- unless you think its worth it for parts. Offer him $250 and tell him the motor is shot. Maybe you can use it for parts if nothing else.

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    \Is it a 96xp? if so there is probably water and rust in the counter balancer cavity, on a 96xp you can't get all the water out if that thing took on water. When i bought my 96xp i blew the counterbalancer out the side of the engine and it was all rusted.

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