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    Polaris sl 650 running problem

    I have a Polaris sl 650 when in water I run the ski and it doesn't hardly want to go just bogs down all the time timing is good spark good clean flow of petrol good compression what now please help

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    What is the repair history for this machine?

    What have you done to address the problem?

    Where the fuel lines replaced, including those inside the fuel tank?
    Was the return line flow restrictor moved from the old fuel line to the replacement? (If your model year has a restrictor)

    Carburetors opened up and internally cleaned?

    Carburetor jets and adjustment screws set to factory specifications?

    Fuel pump rebuilt or replaced with triple outlet pump?

    Correct spark plugs installed?

    Spark plugs wires trimmed back 1/4 inch and plug caps screwed back on?

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    Yeh all of the above was carried out the restrictor is in place carbs cleanEd twice now I did replace the stator the stator marks have lined up but maybe the pistons were out of line whn refitted the new stator it just bots down and doEsnt want to go at any speed basically just ticks over please help

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