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    Ultra 150 starter engages without start button being pushed?

    My 99' Ultra 150 has a mind of its own. When on turn on the switch everything is fine. When I place the lanyard on the run switch the starter engages without pressing the start button and stays engaged. I have checked the start relay and it is not stuck. I can hear it click when I put on the lanyard. When I turn off the main switch, I hear the relay click again. It will also click when I remove the lanyard with the main switch on. The start relay was replaced at the beginning of the summer. It shows no continuity on the meter across the posts with everything disconnected. I disassebled the start switch and saw no corrosion. Starter will stop spinning if I press and hold the stop button. When I release the stop button the starter engages again. Is their anything in the ignition circuits that would cause the system to give a continuous charge to the start relay?

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    Fixed but still a mystery

    I pulled the relay box and disconnected the connector from the relay switch. I jumpered the red power wires across the connector and then checked to see if the orange wires were hot(orange wires actuate relay). The werent. I worked the start switch on the handlebars a couple of times hearing a click in the control head. Then hooked the connector back up to the relay and the starter didn't automatically start spinning again with the lanyard hooked. I pressed the start button and the relay actuated properly. I don't know if something in the relay or a switch someplace else was stuck but the start circuit is working correctly now.

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