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    Need Help 1200 Virage TX

    hey guys, need some help. i've searched & searched for a thread i've seen on here but no luck, soooo its time to ask. i've got a 2000 virage tx carb. it will run fine for about 5 min. then cuts off. it will start right back up then runs fine for about anouther 5 min. then cuts off again. i remember reading a thread about the same problem on here but can't find it. any help will be great.

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    Probably a dozen threads with similar symptoms.

    Does the engine crank and fire up normally, right after an unexpected shut-down?
    Or does it crank slowly and take a moment before it is happy to re-start?

    If yes, then the problem is probably electrical. My guess is that the LR-505 Start/Stop module needs replacement.

    You can replace it right away, or do some diagnostics first

    You can bypass the Start/Stop module, and see if the problem goes away. For safety reasons, do not continue to use the machine without a working Start/Stop module.

    Bypassing LR-505 module on carburetor engine with combined Start/Stop button

    In your case you can go riding while continuing to hold the Bilge button down, OR temporarily move the CDI Red/Purple wire from the Orange terminal to a Red/Purple terminal (this would provide continuous power to the CDI).

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    thanks k447, yes it starts right back up.
    i thought it might be electrical, such as 505 module or even the stator, i'll try the test and see.
    again thanks...........

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