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    RXT 260hp w/50,106lbs pay load capacity!!!

    Saw this in an advert for Honda F-15X on "". They also list the SeaDoo RXT-X 260 with a 50,106 lbs payload capacity!!

    The 2009 Honda AquaTrax F-15X is a 3-Passenger Style Personal Watercraft -PWC- equipped with an 1470cc, Water (Open Loop) Cooled, In-line, DOHC, 4-Stroke Engine. It has a 3-blade Stainless Steel impeller and puts out 200HP. The AquaTrax F-15X has a Direct Drive Transmission. This AquaTrax PWC weighs -50102- lbs. and has a payload capacity of -50106- lbs. The AquaTrax F-15X was introduced in 2008 and is Carryover for 2009. It includes a 12 month Limited warranty.

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    Obviously Honda considers the Seadoo a Couch, that can haul the entire house along with it!

    Typical Honda mentality

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