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    Pump Housing Puller

    Here is an infinitely useful tool that will allow you to pull the pump housing by your self with a wrench, and about 15 minutes. You will not have to pull the intake grate, and ride plate, and there is absolutely no hull damage. It works off the same principle as a harmonic ballancer puller.

    Pieces include:

    (3)-sections of 2x4
    (1)- Non broken pump bolt as the center bolt that does the pulling
    (2)- 2.5" bolts that thread into the pump housing where the pump bolts went

    Place the first piece of 2x4 across the pump housing and mark the holes to be drilled to accept the 2.5" bolts. Between those 2 holes at the center point ~3.5 inches drill a center hole. Then place 2x4's with a center hole same as the one on the housing across the back of the hull just above the ride plate (my SLX required 2). Use a pair of vice grips on the center bolt, and start wrenching. Go very slow once you feel resistance, and when it starts to let go you will hear the bond being broken. I wrenched for 15 mintues slowly torqueing down on the center bolt before it came off. Here are the pictures of what it looks like.

    It even says, "Made in Texas."

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Shim the center bolt to fit your application

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    Remove the four nuts holding the pump base studs inside the hull first

    And the 3/4" cooling hose inside the hull, plus any small bilge siphon hoses.

    On some jet pumps, there are stud nuts on the rear side of the pump base, which means the studs and inside nuts can stay in place..

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    Or you could just leave the pump in tact and remove the four nuts on the inside of the ski, then wiggle the pump side to side until it breaks free from the hull.

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    @ K447: With the wisdom and enthusiasm of Dr. Emmet Brown after realizing the 4th dimention of thinking, "Yes, Right!" The nuts will need to be removed along with the siphon and cooling hoses. Those were things I had taken for granted as already being done.

    @ thester71: With a 92-98 model this tool is obsolete as you can do exactly as you have described. It was a life saver on the '00 SLX though.

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