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    05 RXT major problems any ideas

    I took my 05 RXT out for a run it was running fine for awhile then power dropped off. I took ski home and done some investigating and the more I looked the more I found none of it was good. I found the impeller in the SC had broken off 1/4 of it was lodged in hose from SC to throttle body but another 1/4 of impeller i found inside the intercooler. I then pulled SC out and found half the drive gear on the SC missing and the bearings had collapsed the clutch washers are steel so that was the only good thing I had found so far but it does get worse I pulled the oil filter out to inspect and found small pieces of metal filings in the filter.

    Does any one recommend what I should do from here? there are no seadoo dealers in the area so Im looking at rebuilding it my self is it worth it or is it possible to get a rebuilt engine?? any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    welcome to the board...sorry to hear of your bearings going.

    The pros will chime in.

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