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    rxp dip stick pops out tube

    i have a 07 rxp with a problem, the engine is brand new the dip stick keeps coming out of the tube.i have done compression test.all good,i have done a leak down test 10percent leak down.i have the pcv apart all looks ok, no blockage in the system. i have way to much crankcase pressure.when i pull the dip stick out at an idle it just shoots oil out like hell.i have no pressure at the hose off the pcv valve, anybody have this problem? thanks any help would br great, my cell 6103926065 the engine has all new rings pistons bearings runs 8100 rpms thanks keith

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    dont understand, but if you pull the dipstick out while its running it will spit oil out.
    does it still have an o-ring on the neck of the stick?

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    check to make sure the tops valve is not sticking.

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    With the figures you gathered from the leakdown, it seems as though things are sealing properly. If you had excessive leakdown, about 30 or so, I would be concerned. A thing to remember is under boost and WOT there is little to no vacuum in the crankcase. In a situation as this, crankcase will more than likely be in a positive pressure state. Very rarely, if any, do rings seal perfectly. If all else fails and everything checks out after further investigation, you may want to consider a vacuum pump.

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    Cable tie over the lip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    check to make sure the tops valve is not sticking.
    +1. you can also try taking the guts out of it. it will toss a check engine code but if that keeps your dipstick in you know that was the problem

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    Is your oil level overfilled?

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    Something else to check. I'm not sure if your getting any oil alarms or excessive oil in the catch can but it could be the oil pressure regulator. Oil pressure regulator is located on the bottom of the PTO housing. If it's torqued down too much it tends to stick. I usually replace the valve piston, valve guide, and spring on every rebuild. example---go to WOT and when you let off the throttle you'll get a oil alarm if the valve plug was tightened more then 13nm.

    Here is a link that might help.

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