Well I took my first distance trip on my new RXT-X 260X ski yesterday and it perfromed awesome. I had taken this trip several times on my SHO Cruiser and wanted to compare fuel usage along with the comfort of the ride. First off, my 260-X performed great. We started out the ride with some 2/3 foot chop and the new hull just stayed hooked up and made its way through it like it was nothing and I stayed pretty dry. Compared the the SHO, must drier ride. We then made our way down the inter-coastal waterway which was very smooth the ski just performed great for the next 60 miles. Now keep in mind the mide way point was 62 miles, so on the leg up there, I rode the ski very normal, no speed runs or anything. Kept the RPM's around 5400-6000,(WHICH WAS HARD to DO..lol), but I wanted to see how far I could get on this tank of fuel. Well I made it the 62 miles and burnt 9.9 gals of fuel (3 bars left). I dont think that is bad at all, since my SHO would use about the same, but keep in mind it has a 18gal tank. Like I said, the ski is awesome and very good on gas if you drive it normal. Now on the way home we did a few speed runs and here is my question. With the ski been running for a good hour and the temp around 189-192 and also the only fuel I could get was 87, I did a WOT speed run for about 2 min running with another ski. Will this harm the ski after its been running a long time and then with out cooling completely and using 87 octane, to do a WOT speed run. I def. want this ski to last. Just a little over precautious I suppose, but I dont like holding it wide-open anyways, but will this harm the ski. Again, this ski is awesome and can be enjoyed by all types of rides.