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    ultra 250x no power???

    Today i was riding my 250x and i had some problems with my ingition key. I got it to work, made it to the boat ramp, then when i went to start it to put it on the trailer nothing would come up when i bump the key so i pushed it on.

    So i got it home and tried again and nothing. i checked the battery, terminals and fuse. When i push the key i can hear a buzzing sound and it comes from one on the relays next to the ecu...

    I am lost, anyone have any ideas or know how i can bypass it. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzjonathan View Post
    well wot was the problem!!!!!!!!!
    that way other have a better knowledge of things to check if this arise again


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    loose nut on key......

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    was that loose nut behind key

    Quote Originally Posted by JET250 View Post
    loose nut on key......

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