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    96 GTX Flame Arrester Questions

    Just picked up a 96 GTX that needs a little TLC, should be a nice winter project.

    Is it worth it to get rid of the stock air box, install flame arresters and rejet the carbs ? If so do Proks work well on the 800 ? Any jetting recomendations ? The ski will be stock with no other motor mods.

    I will be rebuilding both carbs and replacing the gray fuel lines. When I did my 98 GTXL I installed Proks with outerwears and rejetted as the factory airbox on the 951 is a PITA to deal with.

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    Absolutely! I used a kit from Bill O'Neal from watercraft majic on my 951. It was a nice kit, and had the jets and filters. Not sure how much the 787 kit runs, but it's worth it!

    Pauly C.

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    just being able to get to the adjuster screws is well worth it. I and just about everybody else who has a 787 goes that route. you will feel a difference in acceleration once tuned.

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    2.0 needles and seats and 75 jets will do the trick. Try starting with ¾ on the lows, ¾ out on mag high, and 7/8 out on pto high. That works very safe in Ontario, but you should do some plug chops to confirm it works for you.

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