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    How do I install cylinder case on a Ultra 130 di. (how to compress piston rings)

    Well after many hours of struggling with the removal of a stuck/cracked exhaust manifold I now have a new problem.

    I had to take the upper part of the motor off ( head and cylinder case) because my SBT motor had one non stainless steel stud that rusted my parts together. Now i am trying to reinstall the cylinder case. I have no engine experience but do know my way around the jet ski after owning it for nearly ten years.

    I have searched but can not seem to figure out how to compress the piston rings in a fashion to where i can (at the same time) put the cylinder case back on. What tool do i need? Where can i get it?

    Any advice would be amazing. I currently do not have the motor removed but after reading the service manual it seems i need to remove the motor to get my motor back together. Thanks guys in advance for the help, I love my kawasaki and would like to get it back on the water.

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    I haven't worked on your specific engine, but assume that it's like the rest. The bottom of the cylinder barrel is tapered to help you get the rings in. You don't need a ring compressor, but you need to be able to get your fingers in to guide the rings into the taper. Make sure the rings are aligned with the pins in the piston.

    If you can't get your fingers in there, you can compress the rings with a hose clamp or tie-wrap. After you get the piston in the cylinder, unscrew the clamp or cut the tie-wrap.

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