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    SL650 outran 1100 Raider

    Just took my SL650 out today giving her a good make over on engine and pump. I even gave a a nice set of Ocean Pro F/A and boys, does she scream!
    After dialing in proper low/high, I let my son test her out and I rode along with 1100 Raider but ended trying to catch up. The water was rough, about 2 - 4 ft, I can see the boy cleared the wave and kept going, sometime even 2 or 3 waves before landed and still going straight. Me, on the other hand was bouncing left right, hitting hard on the waves and got further and further behind .. I gave the throttle a good squeeze trying to close the distance and WHAM! That bucking issue commonly known with the Raider's hull. It took nose dive and a hard left, sending me skipping across the waves ....
    My wrist still hurts, my calf still bruises but I'm so happy with a job well done! I couldn't have done it without you guys here. Thanks for all the excellence resources you all have gathered, which make the job protecting my SL650, an endanger species, possible.

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    Sounds great.

    Keep an eye on your piston wash and make sure she keeps running strong for a long time.

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    the 1100 raider was yamahas biggest mistake that hull was designed for 701 they added extra mounts for 1100,well the extra weight and engine position made a rocket ship for time however at 54mph all was well at 55mph and above hit a small wave and raider goes right you go left ,kind of same type move a bronc makes its under you then gone!!!!lots of fun however in smooth water a 650 polaris really cant keep up,put them in rough water and the polaris shines.I have repaired all brands since 1989 ,I really liked the polaris ride and handling,even the engines except they didnt like hot southeast texas water!hull design is great though I have customer with 94 and 95 sl 650 they look and ride like new.nice skis>Marvin

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