I am in desperate need here. I keep blowing the 15 amp rear or front 15 amp fuse. I found the short in the stator replaced it and it ran for a few hours then blew the rear 15 amp fuse again. No short in stator now. Replaced the fuse ran for 5 minutes blew same fuse again. My buddy also has a 951 with the SAME problem. I have gone as far as measuring the radial play in the crank assuming that at some point the stator is touching the flywheel cup. Cleaned it perfectly a few times after being told of metal filings and chips that can do it. Its clean! Been told water in the instrument gauges. Nothing. I need help cant take it anymore! Any and all ideas appreciated. I am sure if I am around 5 of these and 2 have the same problem must bee a lot of knowledge out there to help!!!