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Thread: Fzr or sho

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    Fzr or sho

    Can someone tell me whats the diffrence between a FZR and SHO ?
    Which one would be best to mod for top speed, conditions are flat fresh water? Thanks

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    My Friend has the FZR and I have the FX SHO the engine and supercharger are the same. I think the FX is the more stable craft but He says his is faster. However side by side there is no notable speed difference. If you are talking about the non supercharged High output Then I guess there will be a speed difference against last years supercharged units?

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    The reason I ask is that I was told the Yami hulls are great for top speed, so I was just curious. Which should I buy for a top speed modded craft? Thanks

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    I think the FZR is a more agressive "Racing" hull. I raced a 09 FX SHO last week and couldnt believe how badly my Ultra 150 beat it. I got on the SHO and made my friend race me 3 times on my Ultra kept thinking I got a bad start... I couldn't believe how bad the acceleration was, I thought they were alot faster. GPR hull is fastest with a SHO engine or SC 4-Tec transplanted in it.
    On second thought maybe that guy's SHO had a worn impeller or something contributing to it being so slow.

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