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    Anyone pulled RXP Driveshaft out?

    I glanced at the manual and it says you will loose some engine oil and it takes 3 special tools( PTO seal support, floating ring tool, and a driveshaft holder). I have been working on Seadoos for years and have never used any special tools on the other models. If you have done this on a RXP let me know what you found.



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    Im just curious .. why are u pulling it out?

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    Something everyone needs to watch for is the riva air intake was applying preasure to the bellow that holds the carbon ring in place therefore it wore the ring uneven and water comes in quickly when the carbon ring is not sealing. It will leak just sitting in the water without the engine running.

    You have to pull the driveshaft to replace the carbon ring.

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    frank and daren have removed the drive shaft out of the rxp. It's a pain in the butt. You don't need all those tools if you have 2 people.

    He gave me the scoop but i could remember all the details let's see if they reply.

    The manual's method makes it a lot harder than it actually is. The trick is getting the c-clip off the shaft that is under that hat looking metal piece that rubs against the carbon ring.

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    Yes, you do need two people. One person stands behind the ski leaning forward into the ski, then you grab the hat looking piece with both hands and pull back, it will slide back enough to see the c-clip, the other person takes two straight screwdrivers and push down on each side, once the clip is off the hat piece will slide forward into the bearing, use it as a type of ram and keep sliding it to the front against the bearing after a few sliding hits it will slide forward and come out.

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