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    lake dallas races

    saw something interesting at the races,a modded 96 seadoo hx holeshotting and staying in 1st place (until he caught up with the last ski)against s/c kawi's and seadoos.yep thats right a 96 hx seadoo.this thing runs awesome,holeshots like crazy and just was rippin thru the turns.guy took 2nd in 3 motos i believe and was leading the 4th until his motor locked up.watching the s/c kawi's and seadoo's in the endurance race was extremely cool,geez those guys are guy had a hydrospace and a sxr both had seadoo 951 motors in them with coffman class was nothing but xp's and waveblasters,were you hurricane boys at??

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    Sounds like a nice place to insert some video...... (hint hint)

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    TXpro1200 nice to read you made it to a race! Wish you would have come to annoucers booth I would have liked to meet you in person. There will be a proposed class for you next year other then pro runabout. It will be the sportsmans runabout class which caters to the non turbo supercharged runabouts. More details to come after world finals. To Clarify people veiwing the thread.... The part of the 96 hX is false. It was a 1996 open or highly superstocked xp rode by 4 time national champ Craig Ingram and yes he did hole shot one moto and run right behind the supercharged 15f riden by Cory Hieman all weekend. The 901 xp ski was in 800 r/a as well as pro am r/a open. Third in the open r/a was Thomas Dikeman on a open rxtx and followed by Tyler White on an open kawi 260x............ As for the stand up ski class there were 2 hydrospaces both over 160hp or 180hp. Rusty Willson on the 111 Sunday and Corey Brittian on the whistling black 201 s4.. Now the kawidoo was the 140 ski piloted by Mark Mcqueen it has a tweeker/miller motor. The other 2 sxr's were powered by Rogue powersports tuned kawasaki 1100 triple cylinders. #800 Mike Younts and the #999 was Travis Langley............. As for the Sport class there was a even mix of blasters to HX's. Steve Issacs on the blue blaster had a moto1 win on Curtis Rienburg on Saturday, But all other motos saw the 116 HX out front. Joseph Roberts on the #55 HX battled hard with the #1 blaster. The other 2 riders Sid Gonzales on the 555 blaster and Chris Kolwalski on the 223 HX had some bobels but raced good. Kelly Bryant returned to sport racing on Sunday aboard a red waveblaster provided by the Clegg family. OK. Finally Endurance Tyler White showed domination on his Kawi ultra 260x with Seadoo in Second and 3rd. The new stock rxpx I.S. showed alot of promise riden by Brian Smith. Cant say enough about the Dale's rocket 15f tuff racing Joey...

    Hope some folks that veiw this thread can either make it to a R5 race next year to see it all in person as TXPR01200 did or listen online to all the action.

    To answer the Hurricane ? There power to weight ratio is not much of a match to any of the skis on the R5 tour right now unless it has absolutly every mod imaginable done. Can it be done with the right combo of ski and rider sure thats why the spec class was born but the HX domintaed this year.. in R5

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