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    sltx 1050

    good day all, i am brand new at this, but i expect it works well. i am rebuilding an sltx 1050 with no history in east timor, currently i have had the top end apart, inspected, replaced a piston, all the rings, found a little end circlip which had detached itself and pounded the piston which was the reason for replacement. i am not chasing performance at any price but trying to build a runner for good simple fun ( looking after a couple of bell 212 on army contract). i am missing a cdi completely and stator has failed wiring check( i traced it to a particular pole) (purple to black meant to be 1200 ohms). so ideally i would like to buy an ignition update kit for this engine, but a second hand ignition update kit would be better? i have no real idea on what pricing will be but as i said cant spend a lot on an unknown. i appreciate all your input and thanks to k447 for getting me started. cheers gareth

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    sorry should have said its a 97 model. cheers gareth

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    I doubt you are going to find a used Ignition Update Kit easily.

    Since you need both CDI and stator, an Update Kit would be the way to go. You now know the Kit part number you need for your 1997 SL 1050.

    How long did the engine sit after it became damaged?

    This was a salt water machine - correct?
    If it was run in salt water, take the time to check everything, especially the crank shaft and crank bearings. Even a little surface rust in the crank bearings means it will not last long at 6,000+ RPM.

    Also pull the jet pump off and check the bearings.

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