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    Unhappy 05 rxt project starting issues help please? Not a regular problem!

    05 RXT sat for 3 years.
    Missing parts when i bought it.

    Got a RXP ECM for it instead of a RXT. Hope that is not an issue but i am getting the infamous p-1517 code. I know what that is. Ill get it reset and hope that works.

    Wiring harness was junk i got a 185 4tec one looked the same, one wire was different but fixed that with the old one. Took off one old and put in the new. Same wires.

    It beeps two time like its ready then one long beep. I dont see that one in the manual.
    Seems to me its stating good ready to go but missing compass. Maybe.

    Then hard time starting even with new battery and jumper.

    When it duz fire up sounds like its on 2 cylinders and will not stay at idle.

    Compression in all three is 130.

    I will go to dealership and check codes and get it all erased.

    I can get a RXT ECM if any one will trade the RXP works tested in a RXP 04.

    I can get another wiring harness that is the correct one. Looking.

    Dealerships could not figure out hence one i got a great deal and sat for 3 years.

    Any thoughts thanks.

    Wish I had dealership computer to test save a lot of trouble.
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    Ok getting number one cylinder plug lots of oil on it.
    New battery wasn't charged or is bad. Sealed one.
    Getting spark.
    Changing bottom harness tomorrow.

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    The RXP ECU works fine in an RXT, as long as its 04-05. Dealer can erase the compass, and re set the TPS sensor. What year was the 185 harness? The 04-05 RXT'S need the knock sensor harness, and /or pigtail adapter to run properly . In 04 they had an adapter, and 05 they wired it into the harness. Need to probably do a leak down test, to see if bad rings, or valve seals, as to why there is oil on the plug.

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    old trick is to add oil to that cylinder through the spark hole, if compression goes up, its a ring, if it does not change its the valve guide. to check compression, remember to hold it WOT to keep the injectors from spraying

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    Leakdown is perfect.
    130 130 130
    Sure it would be higher if it was ran once. Been sitting for 3 years.
    Also found out bad new battery.
    Now fires up every time.
    But sounds like on 2 cylinders still.
    Number 1 plug black.
    Not to sure on year on wiring harness but ill check that out.
    Old one was so corroded this is why i got 185 one. But only reason got 185 cuz got a killer deal on it.
    Only code showing is P-1517 still.
    I did hook 2 wires sensors wrong fixed that.
    Going to dealer friend on Monday. Hes got a new harness.
    Keep in mind dealers cant figure this out or coast $$$$ to fix. I got a killer deal on it.
    You wouldn't believe me if i told you.

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    what do you mean "Keep in mind dealers cant figure this out or coast $$$$ to fix. I got a killer deal on it."

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    This ski was looked at by a dealer and they could not fix it.
    The person i got it from just wanted to sell it for hardly nothing.

    I always do compression WOT.

    I will do the oil trick.


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    How are your coils? they might have rust on them and might not be firing.

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    If ski has been sitting a long time if i add oil to cylinder im sure it would go up anyway.

    Did coil pack maintenance. They are arching still. I will see if this is the issue as well.

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    It sounds like a a starter coil too me.

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