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    mx110 low oil light

    i am new to all of this pwc and forums i need some help PLEASE! i have an 04 mx110 that cranks and runs fine for about 5 min then the low oil light comes on and goes into limp mode i checked the oil and its right i have read on here that it should not be filled to the top line i should use the bottom one is there a sensor on resovoir or am i missing something.

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    I am not an expert on the Weber engine used in your model, but I recall there can be an issue with the oil baffle coming loose inside the oil canister. Your issue may be oil foaming, rather than a simple level issue.

    You will need to do some searching and reading to determine if that might apply to your case.

    You will find useful info in my signature links below, and in both the Polaris General Discussion and the MSX sections on Green Hulk.

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    There is no oil level sensor
    If your oil light is on three things need to be checked
    Oil Pressure - your engine oil pressure has dropped below the minimum value the oil pressure switch is set for (You will need to check this with a guage) Bad!
    Oil pressure switch is failing - Replace, may have corrossion? there should be a grease filled boot over the temination.
    oil pressure switch wire is shorting to ground. The oil pressure switch is open circuit with oil pressure applied, normally closed when engine is off. Grounding out the oil pressure swich wire will initiate the fault.Leave it off it will never come on.

    All this said the oil pressure switch is impossible to get to when the motor is in place. you can just see it and you can just touch it but that is all.The best you could expext do is to pull the wire off.

    I had come across a crook one before, it was left in place and another was fitted on top of the oil reseviour with a longer banjo bolt and modified fitting.This is also a good (easy) place to check the oil pressure.


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    thank you kosh for your help, i unpluged the pressure switch and no change do you have any other suggestions? the engine has oil pressure not to sure on how much though i dont have a way to hook the guage up, my guage is just a standard old model used in automotive.

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    Still suspect the oil pressure switch, the ecu is a pretty smart and looks for a connection to earth as you are starting then an open circuit when running. So you need to ground the wire to the oil switch when cranking and unground it after it starts.

    Try this and let me know.
    Should have explained this better before.

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