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    Polaris 780 SL carb removal question,

    Is is possible to remove the carb without removing the engine???

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    yes.. when removong them,, dont take off the intake manifold underneath them. just the carbs,, they have 6 nuts under the bores. use a stubby open end wrench for the nuts. 12 mm I believe.. turn the nuts counter clockwise.

    remove the air box cover,screen and support plate first, get that out of there so you have access to the carbs. I think those nuts are 10 mm.. the 9 holding the bottom plate. leave the fuel pump on the end of it and just move that assembly out of the way..

    disconnect the oil pump rod if your using the oil pump. theres a small nylon clip wrapped around the rod. you dont have to disconnect the bottom of the rod. it can just hang off the oil pump and leave it there.
    the clip slides off in 1 direction and pops off. be careful with it. its nylon and can snap. then remove the oil pump cable, choke cable,(remember how far that end of the cable goes into the cable clamp.) and the throttle cable.. then the oil lines connected to the carbs. they have small squeeze clamps on them. just pinch it and they will slide off. leave them attached to the oil pump.

    be careful lifting the carbs. the gaskets could tear if you lift too quick. some reuse them, other always buy brand new and start over.. I reused mine, they were like new..

    Good luck..carbs kits are available from john zigler on here or ebay has them also. buy genuine mikuni carb kits only..

    If you need a hand rebuilding them.. theres a few guys on here with your same ski and carbs.. just ask! might as well change the plugs and gap them to specs too..

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    fortunately Previous owner removed the oil pump, dose the seller you mention sell his kits on ebay???

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